Snowshed was established in 2020 with the idea that you can build a better community through design that adds value to people’s lives. Whether your a solo entrepreneur, or a family run business, the driving influence behind Snowshed is to to create work that is high-quality, relevant and approachable.

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Snowshed is an independent design studio founded and run by Jordan Dahl.

Born in Kamloops, but having lived throughout western Canada as well as Germany, I have been influenced by a variety of surroundings. My work is a reflection of this, as it is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around me while at the same time complimented by European design. 

I started Snowshed with the goal of building a studio that draws inspiration from a variety of disciplines including design, architecture, photography and more. I believe that good design is benefited by this inter-disciplinary approach and I strive to create work that reflects this philosophy. 

Over the past five years I’ve worked with independent entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and more, treating each client as a valued relationship that deserves the highest attention to detail and quality of service. 

I hope that you’ll consider working with me for any future projects you might have in mind.


If you would like to discuss a project, please feel free to get in touch. Snowshed is centrally located in the interior of British Columbia.