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After freelancing for a number of years, Jordan Dahl founded Snowshed Studio at the start of 2020. Inspired by the numerous avalanche snowsheds scattered across the mountain passes of British Columbia, the goal was to create a brand that reflected the nature of these structures. They are simple. They benefit people. They are a product of their environment. They last. And they’re built well. This design ethos is at the core of everything Snowshed does and the goal was to build a brand that reflected that identity.

Snowshed Wordmark
Snowshed Logomark

The brand is built upon two main elements: the wordmark and the logomark. Crisp, clean lettering creates a modern, straightforward look while the sharp points of the ‘W’ reflect the mountainous landscape from which Snowshed takes its identity. The logomark incorporates the simple line art of The Great Bear Snowshed, located on British Columbia’s world-famous Coquihalla highway: a short drive from Snowshed’s headquarters in Kamloops, BC, as well as the namesake of the company.

Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park
Snowshed Business Cards
The Front of a Snowshed Business Card
Snowshed Studio Brand Stationary Package

The branding was designed to be simple and easy to use. Inspired by the natural beauty of western Canada, shades of blue and green accent colours add personality to the neutral colour palette, but never take away from the importance of the content.

Snowshed Client Welcome Cards
Snowshed Compliment Cards
Snowshed Studio Letterhead, Invoice and Estimate Design Mockups
Grassi Lakes, Alberta
Bridal Veil Falls, British Columbia
A Snowshed Enamel Coffee Mug
A Snowshed Notepad
A Snowshed T-Shirt
A Snowshed Hat