A Clean New Design


With the turn of spring, One88 desired to facilitate a neighbourhood clean-up around their inner-city based church. The goal was simple: to bring safety and beauty to the families and children that call downtown Winnipeg home. One88 expressed their desire for help with print collateral and Snowshed was happy to partner in sponsoring the event

The Spring Cleanup Document Package

Incorporating the existing branding of One88, Snowshed created a custom identity for the event as well as a  package of promotional materials that included mailers, a donor letter, an event poster and a presentation slide. The challenge of course, was to compress a large amount of information while still making sure the important parts stood out. The end result was an effective marketing campaign that gave One88 a number of options to advertise their event.

A Mockup of the Poster Designed for One88
The Front and Back Design of the Spring Cleanup Flyer
A Front View of the Poster Designed for One88
A Close Up View of the Back of the Spring Cleanup Flyer
A Mockup of the Donation Letter for One88