Building a Brand

Beaumont Homes

Beaumont Homes is a custom home builder based in Calgary, Alberta. A family owned and operated company, Beaumont has been building modern, boutique homes across Alberta and British Columbia for a decade. As part of their strategy to capture a new market of homebuyers in Calgary, Beaumont worked together with Snowshed to refresh their brand in a way that more closely aligned with their goals. Snowshed designed a new, modern website, as well as a new brand identity with matching print collateral.

The Old Beaumont Homes Logo
The New Beaumont Homes Logo

Positioning itself as a boutique home builder, Beaumont Homes needed a brand that stood out in the crowded contracting market. The goal was to build a brand that reflected the construction element of Beaumont Homes, while also appealing to buyers in the modern, high-quality real estate market. The B & H of the logomark were crafted to resemble the stick-framing used in the construction of houses. To balance the playfulness of Beaumont’s aqua colouring Snowshed added ruby wine and off-white accent colours. Together, the elements solidify Beaumont’s position as a high-quality, modern home builder while still remaining approachable to their clientele.

Beaumont Homes Logo Secondary Colours
Beaumont Homes Logo on Tertiary Colours
Beaumont Homes Business Card Spread
Beaumont Homes Letterhead in a Folder
Beaumont Homes Travel Mug
A Series of Feature Sheets for Beaumont Homes
The Style Guide for Beaumont Homes
A Beaumont Homes Hardhat
A Beaumont Homes Packaged Tube Containing Construction Blueprints
A For Sale Banner for Beaumont Homes

To accompany their refreshed brand identity, Snowshed designed a website to complete the new look. The goal was to keep things simple—build a site that contained just enough information, but not too much. The new site needed to be able to not only showcase the quality of work Beaumont does, but also the type of company it is.

The Beaumont Homes Website Displayed on an iPhone
A Closeup View of the Beaumont Homes Website
The Beaumont Homes Website Displayed on a Variety of Apple Devices